The judging process

The next submission period for the EDP Awards 2017/2018 will start soon. You will find an online submission form and more details on the proceedings for the EDP Award session later on this homepage. But the steps to win an Award will be the same like last year.

As soon a product is submitted the evaluation process starts and the members of the Technical Committee investigate the products´ features and qualities – by consulting other experts as well. At the end of the submission period the EDP Technical Committee nominates the best ones in a category for the final judging round.
In a special EDP General Assembly representatives of all the member magazines discuss the nominations again – also under aspects such as value to the user, support and service and other arguments. They finally decide which product will be awarded for an EDP trophy.

Technical Commitee

Innovation is the focus for judging the awards. The EDP Technical Committee judge the products on the value of the new technical abilities they offer. This can be innovation in the technology that improves speed, quality, usability and functionality or reduces environmental impact as well as cost to the user.
Chairman of the EDP Technical Commitee is Herman Hartman. In this position he is also member of the EDP Board.
Detailed information on the Awards, the judging results and a protocol on all entries will be published in the Technical Report.